The Sweetest Season (2016)

by Deerheart

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As a songwriter you're a storyteller, a communicator. You tell your stories — in my case, often biographical, though on occasion, fictional — you offer your perspective, your philosophies; create a mood, convey a feeling. After the last album, which was a bit heavy thematically in spots, I thought it might be nice to bring a little light and sweetness for the holidays; a touch of the jingle-jangle, as it were. My wife suggested the band re-record "The Sweetest Season", which I'd originally done as a solo recording on the album "No Legitimate Purpose" (2008). Of course, she always comes up with the best ideas, my wife does. Not only is it a piece of personal history, the lyric being a very literal, if rather poetic, reminiscence of six particular weeks in my younger life, but the band absolutely kills it. Absolutely.


We met as the autumn leaves rustled through the grass
On rolling hills of harvest fields, two strangers moving fast
From Horowitz to Zimmerman, we were drawn beyond all reason
Though it was brief it was the sweetest season

In a late night restaurant between shared cigarettes
While visions of cardboard candy canes danced around our heads

Standing 'neath the silent pines as winter's light did fade
We had Peace On Earth and Heroes that sweet season

In the dark outside the hall you were wrapped in sacred chain
I watched you glowing as the snow fell burying the lane

No, Currier and Ives could not imagine such a scene
But it was gone before I woke, this lovely Christmas dream
You took me from my comfort zone,
Goodbye girl, I was freezin'
Though it was brief it was the sweetest season


released December 6, 2016
Tom Ciorciari: Vocal & Guitars, Tony LoGuercio: Electric Guitar, Tom Licameli: 12-string Guitar, Iain Morrison: Bass, Mark Pohl: Drums & Percussion, Jessica Upham: Lead & Backing Vocals, Lyn Ciorciari: Tea & Sympathy. Written & Produced by Tom Ciorciari, © 2008 Tom Ciorciari/BMI. Recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY by Gary Atturio, Anthropic Audio, Bayshore, NY by Dan Maksym, and at home by T. C. Mixed by Gary Atturio. Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Strange Weather, Brooklyn, NY. Artwork & Design: Adam Greiss. © 2016 Alarde Records



all rights reserved



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