Hey Tomorrow

by Deerheart

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...then there’s ‘Hey Tomorrow’, which brings in a touch of optimism; new love, and the hope of salvation despite all that’s gone before; despite the darkness. I wrote it right around the time I asked my wife to marry me, and I think that’s reflected in the lyric: ‘Those eyes of blue lighting up my brain’. Aurally, I kept it very dry and acoustic, I wanted it to feel intimate. There’s a pulsating piano underneath, and some cool percussive things happening, such as me playing my lap in the B section, along with some sweet harmonies and a bit of Beatle-esque bass in the coda. It changes the mood of the album and points toward redemption. There is hope. Love does exist, you’ve just got to hold out, keep your eyes open and not settle.


Hey tomorrow
Don't keep me waiting
Since all my sorrow
Has been dissipating
A love so strong, she came and found me
So soft and warm, wrapped all around me

Hey tomorrow
Please don't evade me
For I will follow
Wherever she takes me
A love so true racing through my veins
Those eyes of blue lighting up my brain

Hey tomorrow
Hey tomorrow

Hey tomorrow
Hey tomorrow

Hey tomorrow
I can't remember
The promise of
A warmer November
A heart so pure's been beating inside her
And I'll assure love won't be denied her

Hey tomorrow
Hey tomorrow
Hey tomorrow
Hey tomorrow



released October 14, 2016
Written & performed by Tom Ciorciari
Mixed by Gary Atturio
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Strange Weather, Brooklyn
Produced by Tom Ciorciari



all rights reserved



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